Roscof to Woodview cottage


Upon leaving port turns left and follow signs for Morlaix.

You will soon pick up a sign for LANDIVERSU follow signs to there.

After a while you will pick up a sign for SIZUN follow that.

Just before SIZUN you will see a sign for LE FAOU follow that for about three minutes you will then see a sign for BRASPARTS follow that all the way in. you will after a short time be on the D30.

On entering the village you will see a Spa shop on your left, just after that you will see a sign marked LE FAOU and LOPEREC.

Go past that sign and almost immediately you will see another sign marked LOPEREC and LE FAOU turn right there keep on that road (it twists and turns a lot ) for about 3minutes

You will then come to some Blue and White Chevrons on a bend, go past those and you will come to another set of blue & white chevrons within a matter of yards you will also see a sign in Yellow and Red saying BOIS

Turn left, go down about 60 yards and you will see another sign saying BOIS and another sign saying LE MISTOUIR.

Turn right there follow that a few hundred yards until you see another sign saying BOIS and one saying LE MISTOUIR.

Turn left there. You will then pass a cottage on your left which is Jean’s (French man) past another cottage on you left, which is ours you will now be on a bend in the road and there is a left turn between the Laurel Hedge where you park your car and the cottage is in front of you.

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